No Monthly Fees.

All songs are priced individually based on the profile of the artist you choose and your media plan.

Web Streaming & OTT From This license covers any and all types of internet use.
Broadcast TV From Our license for network, cable, or satellite television.
* These are sample prices. More options are available in our license builder.

Your New Alternative to Stock Music

  • Real music from recording artists
  • Pre-approved for advertising & brand content
  • Pay per license, no monthly fees
  • Unwatermarked, downloadable full audio previews
  • Fully E&O insured

Our desktop web app offers many pricing tools for maximum speed and flexibility.

01 Show Prices by entering your desired broadcast terms, and change them any time.

License Builder

02 The price is now displayed next to each track, everywhere on our site.

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More Pricing Tools

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Use our dedicated filter to refine your search results based on your campaign’s budget.

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You can send us your best offer at any time and we’ll reach out to the various rights holders to try and get that approved for you.