We've been putting cool music on commercials for 15 years now and I know that all our clients want is to be genuinely excited about the music on their spots. I have yet to meet a creative who is stoked about a stock music compromise. They just want to find the best track for their work fast and have it licensed on the spot.
Phil Messier Founder

We work withtop-shelf artists.

We made it our mission to bring ad industry people and the artists they love together. With Bopper it became possible for brands and their agencies to find real music from trending artists for their content, easily and quickly.

Because we know the value of music.

Our 24-point proprietary algorithm allows us to price each song objectively - using the best data in the industry - so nobody gets the short end of the stick. This is how we’ve earned the trust of both the artists and the brands.

We cater to advertising agencies and citizen brands around the world.

We believe that Bopper addresses the realities of today when it comes to helping businesses source great music. The industry is constantly changing and we plan on evolving along with it. If you have feedback or you'd like to see one of your favorite artists on our platform, by all means, reach out.